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Spring 2022 Film Festivals and Industries Class

Film industries, be they free market giants such as Hollywood or national industries funded in part or in whole by the state, are crucial factor in the ways that films are made and shown, influencing aesthetics, politics, and the cultures of filmmaking. Explorations of film industries have shown how distinct market forces, technologies, national politics, and globalization have affected all aspects of cinema.

Yayoi Kusama in situ

This evening event will celebrate world-renowned artist Yayoi Kusama with a screening of the biographical documentary Kusama: Infinity and educator-led tours of Kusama's permanent installation at the Mattress Factory. Ticket price includes light refreshments, drink ticket, and entry to other exhibits in the main building. Masks required if not vaccinated.

Location: Mattress Factory, 500 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh

Date: Thursday, July 22

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

IKEBANA: More Than Pretty Flowers

The Japanese art of flower arrangement has its origins in the formal offering arrangements used in the altars of Buddhist temples, but became more prominent in daily life with the development of the architectural feature tokonoma, or alcove. Join us for a presentation on the relationship of ikebana to the practice of tea as well as to daily life from the 1600s to today. We will look at how ikebana was part of an expansion of artisan products and landscape design in the last four centuries, and how that has carried through to today’s use of flower arrangements in Japan.

Edo Avant-Garde with Linda Hoaglund

DESCRIPTION:    Edo Avant-Garde reveals the untold story of the vital role Japanese artists of the Edo era (1603 – 1868) played in developing “modern art.” During the Edo era, Japan prospered in peaceful isolation from Western powers, while audacious artists innovated abstraction, minimalism, surrealism and the illusion of 3-D. Their originality is most striking in images of the natural world depicted with gold leaf on large-scale folding screens that anticipate 20th century installation art.


SCREENSHOT:ASIA's Film Festivals course, to be offered spring 2021, will explore the world of festivals from a critical and pragmatic perspective.