SCREENSHOT: Asia has year-round programming for students, faculty, and the larger Western PA community. With our variety of offerings, we hope to collaborate with our communities to bring Asian and Asian American film, media, speakers, and artists to in-person and virtual campus.


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SCREENSHOT: ASIA programming and festival internships allow students to gain professional experience in arts programming, make connections to the festival world, and learn the details of festival production. Interns learn the scope of arts programming work, including grant writing, processing media and creating festival marketing.

The project is also a way to engage students in practical, professional arts programming experience. Through internships, students can learn how to create and execute a high level, city-wide programming event. Students will be part of all committees and areas of engagement. They will help decide which films should be screened, make decisions on graphics and marketing, and work with filmmakers, distributors, and theaters. The project allows students to learn on the ground project management while still in coursework.