Spring 2022 Film Festivals and Industries Class

A woman flares her dress on the red carpet as reporters photograph her.

Film industries, be they free market giants such as Hollywood or national industries funded in part or in whole by the state, are crucial factor in the ways that films are made and shown, influencing aesthetics, politics, and the cultures of filmmaking. Explorations of film industries have shown how distinct market forces, technologies, national politics, and globalization have affected all aspects of cinema. This course will examine these elements, focusing on the Classical Hollywood era, the 1970s New American Cinema, and contemporary transnational film industries.

Moreover, the course will focus specifically on the role of film festivals in the film industry. Since the pre-WWII era, film festivals have played a crucial role in a myriad of industries and markets, developing alternatives to Hollywood, promoting national cinemas, legitimizing colonialism, advocating anti-colonialism, and imagining a space for art in the cinematic industry. The course will examine festival history, theory and methods, allowing students to learn about how festivals have impacted industry history and how festivals are produced and executed.