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 SCREENSHOT: ASIA celebrates Asian and Asian American film and media, creating educational and entertaining programming for students, educators, and the broader communities in Southwestern PA. Check out our offerings!
A photograph from the Busan International Film Festival red carpet.
A clock surrounded by the words "Jewish Girls' School Rahman Selection Center" in a font reminiscent of Hebrew lettering.
The JDFA logo, the words "Japan Doc Film Award" encased within the front-to-front E's logo of SCREENSHOT:ASIA. TheE's are cutouts of a photo of a Japanese city.
A young Japanese girl in a kimono sits on a simple swing suspended between two stalks of bamboo, looking upward. The image has a yellow-green tint.


SCREENSHOT: ASIA is a joint project from the Film and Media Studies Program and the Asian Studies Center that brings together students, faculty, and community members to create a shared awareness of Asian and Asian American experiences through contemporary film and media. Using film, video, and other on-screen arts, the series provides a forum to learn about Asian art, whether it is a classic work of cinema, a film by an emerging director, or a documentary addressing contemporary social concerns. 


We offer a variety of Asian and Asian-American film programming throughout the year.
  • SCREENSHOT: ASIA Film Festival
  • Silent Asia
  • Year-round programming

Media Arts and Practice

 We educate future generations about local programming and the arts, and help connect students with Asian and Asian American filmmakers and producers. By connecting students with industry professionals, they can gain insight into the festival circuit and meet with diverse professionals from the industry. Our festival will be a broader educational opportunity to give students hands-on experience developing, organizing, and running a film festival. We will be incorporating coursework and internships--including festival trips--to expose students to the film industry.

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August 18th, 2020

Festival Changes Due to COVID-19


August 18th, 2020


by Jenn Nguyen, Asian Studies Center Communications & Media Intern

May, 2020